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NFTC’s services in Laos PDR
March 03, 2009

200 kilometers or 3 hours from Khon Kaen Province by car is Laos PDR, and we made another visit there. Thailand has enjoyed excellent relationships with Laos for many years and we cherish our friendship until today; in the northeast of Thailand (called the Isan) we speak Lao language! We also eat the same food such, khao ni-ao and somtum, so we can find it easy to stay in Vientiane. Westerners must try and test it!!


National Rehabilitation Centre, Khouvieng, Vientiane

Morning time: we stop to visit the resource centre for the blind; there is a lot of hard work waiting for us during a short visit. We repair Juliet Embossers and take some time to advise the staff how to fix some basic problems they may have during Braille production.

15 minutes after this visit, we pass the streets of Vientiane, the capital city of Laos PDR, and we direct our way to Ban Pong place

Home of Light

In the afternoon:
Our technicians help them to repair 1 unit of Juliet Embosser and fix 1 computer set. We leave the staff very happy to be able to use the Braille Embosser and computer again to produce Braille books.

Special remarks on this visit
We took a lot of things to donate for blind students and their teachers at both organizations. Thanks to our kind donors in Thailand who gave us a chance to provide good materials for our friendship in Lao PDR.

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Some interesting sights to see in Vientiane
Patuxay (Victory Gate)
at what many Lao people call the Champs Elysees.

Wat Pha That Luang, the beautiful pagoda in yellow color,
very important for Laos people; many Thais also come here to pray.

And every day you will see a lot of Western foreigners who come to visit Laos. I suggest you go, too!

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