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NFTC trip to China
National ICT Enlightening Training Workshop at Qingdao
November 15-18, 2008

NFTC joined the Asian Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness to enhance the good outcome of the Training Workshop for members of 35 organizations of China.

This workshop was planned a long ago and then set to be held after the Olympic Games 2008.


I am pleased to show the purpose of the event and quote from the speech of Mrs. Grace Chan, CEO of the Asian Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness:

“At present, I have set up 5 education resource centres on national and provincial levels in Changchun, Qingdao, Nanjing, Quizhou and Guangsi respectively so that blind students can study in regular schools. I have also helped a lot of blind schools to equip with Perkins Braillers, Braille embossers, Scanners, thermoform machines, software for the blind, etc. They are now facing a big problem of how to repair these machines. To solve this big problem once and for all …”

Then, we took the chance to hold the important and useful training workshop in Qingdao, China, with very good results.

At first, we generated solid knowledge and understanding of the blindness and low-vision equipment and software used for the education and Braille production, and for personal use. We made sure all participants had more knowledge before proceeding to the higher levels of technical repairs.

Second, with the Perkins Brailler workshop training, you can see pictures of my course participants’ hard work all day. We could solve problems and fixed 4 Perkins Braillers for the Qingdao Blind Recourse Centre. They expressed their happiness to be able to use of their re-newed machines.

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Finally, there was a unit on the complex electronics systems, Juliet Pro Braille Embosser and INDEX 4X4 Pro, that needed to be repaired. I gave the participants some useful understanding of how to use both Embossers on their Braille production, and carried on to inform them of more powerful expert use, namely how to set up a menu and seek for what happens in the long run with the production without maintenance that causes the machines to have problems. Then I demonstrated to them how to maintain the machines properly.

80% of the participants have now more understanding about Perkins Braillers and Braille Embossers; moreover, they took some time to stay with the equipment in the conference room and learned by themselves. This was a major goal of mine, to make them self-sustaining in the future, but for the near future I may need to join them any time they require technical assistance.

59 minutes to see Qingdao
I can say that I will remember Qingdao forever. November is wonderful for a Thai who comes from
a very warm country, to see the cooler city, with -3'C at night and 1-3'C at day time – these temperatures can make every one enjoy life more and work even better. I had a nice trip around a beautiful mountain and a clear sandy beach with the deep blue sea around. Cheap taxi services are arranged around Qingdao, so within 59 minutes you can see some most beautiful places.
You may stop to shop and take some photos at the famous places. I was the lucky one at Qingdao - you may envy me!!

Special thanks to:

Kirk Horton, Regional Representative of the Perkins School
Grace Chan, CEO of the Asian Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness
Principals and teachers / staffs and all lovely blind students at Qingdao Blind School
Liyan: our interpreter translator, English into Mandarin and vice versa.

Thanks to all the participants, for their taking interest in learning on the basic technical items of Perkins Braillers and the complex electronic system of Braille Embossers; if they continue to learn they will became experts on high levels, being able to solve many problems they may have in the future. This is my focus, to help them doing their new task well.

The next training workshop will be held at Beijing in 2009.

NFTC will give a timely update on the development.

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