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Mr. Pol Namse of NFTC visited:

March 27, 2007

The Educational Center for the Blind Affairs, and
The Shae Saung School for the Blind in Meiktila, Myanmar.

My activities on the site included the following:
- An intensive repair service and
- On-spot training of Juliet Pro 60 for three (3) staff members:
Naw Paw, Thida and Thun Da

My activities with here staff members started at 08.45 and lasted in the morning until 12.00 – a short break for lunch. We then continued with a common usage review; then the staff tried to produce a Braille book. Mr. John Maung Kyi (the Headmaster of the school) enjoyed reading his Braille book specially developed and this day produced by his staff.

In the afternoon much time was taken for Perkins Brailler service; my assistance was given to Mr. U Htay Lwin and two staff membes who joined me to clean the parts and repair the device.

Our work time was then from 15.25 p.m. until 21.30 p.m. We completed repair of 10 units of Perkins Braillers which was exhausting to the staff. Later we had a special late dinner in the downtown area.

Big problems were caused by the instability of the electricity that caused the equipment such as computer, Braille printer etc. to disfunction temporarily, so we discussed to make changes, e.g. exchange the breaker to have a new one, an automatic 60 Ampere, and then the Braille printer was running well.

Update for the Shae Saung School for the Blind in Meiktila: Soon!!


March 29, 2007
Yangon Education Centre for the Blind and
Myanmar Christian Fellowship of the Blind,
Yangon, Myanmar.

I took the chance to visit these organizations on the morning of 29th March. They have two Embossers. Both of them are properly working,


just their Braille Display machine had to be sent away to repair so that proofs could be printed out for proof reading.

I have a good chance to met kind donor from “Latter – day Saint Charities” donated 10 boxes of Braille paper to the Yangon Education Centre for the Blind and
Myanmar Christian Fellowship of the Blind, Yangon, Myanmar.
Thanks to Clarence and Jayne Jones;


March 29, 2007; afternoon
Department of Social Welfare, School for the Blind (Kyi-myin-dine)

At this site there were three (3) Embossers waiting to be repaired. Though I had no respective spare parts with me, I could use the chance that this model can use replacement parts of another unit. Therefore I could set one unit to do embossing on Braille paper again. Once again I thank all of you for your kind hospitality. By my observation,

your lunch time can be useful for the keeping up of the Braille printers. I hope your students will enjoy reading the Braille books printed by you.