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Hot Line Products

Blindness: Embosser; KGS Braille Labeler; Braille Display
Notetakers; Perkins Brailler; Braille Graphics & Tactile Graphics

Low Vision: CCTV; Pocket Viewer; Portable

Audio Players: Victor; Plextalk

Hearing Aids: Audio meter; FM System; Transmitter and Receiver; BTE; ITE

Soft Ware: Screen Reader; Open Book; Magnifier;
Braille Translator; Braille Graphic; Braille Music

We provide services and distribution of various educational
products for disabled people in Thailand and Neighborhoods
Our trained personnels are experienced in educational services for the blind for over 20 years.


NFTC’s services
In Laos PDR

NFTC trip to China
The Asian Foundation
for the Prevention of

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